some dogs are expert escape artistWhen you become a dog owner you fall gradually more and more in love with the dog. You want to be a good dog owner who regularly bathes, feeds, and grooms your dog. One of the most important jobs of any dog owner is making sure that the dog is absolutely safe and sound. This can be difficult because a dog’s natural instincts do not always line up with your personal desires to see them be safe. These instincts sometimes cause your dog to attempt to escape from the loving home you have provided for them.

Dogs typically escape from a hoe by way of the back yard fence. Normally such a fence is chain link fence. Chain link fences might very well be the worst sort of fence to use to contain a dog because they were not designed with dogs in mind. In fact, chain link fences are actually helpful in a dog’s attempts to escape because of their structure and design.

For example, if a dog wants to escape by digging their way out they could because a chain link fence typically features a large enough gap between links for the dog to be able to get their paws in to start digging. There is no deterrent in place so once they get started digging there is no real stopping them.

Making things worse is the fact that chain link fences offer enough support for the dog’s weight that they are able to climb up the fence with relative ease. This can be incredibly frustrating because it means that your dog can essentially leave whenever they feel like it and you would have no real way of knowing they were gone until it is too late.

The final problem with chain link fences is that they are often not tall enough to contain a larger dog that is capable of jumping high. They are just too easy for a dog to simply leap over as if it was nothing. Chain link is a complete and utter failure of a fencing material and it is time that it is retired by a proper fence for dogs. That fence is made by the company Pet Playgrounds.

The Pet Playgrounds fence is the better option, the perfect dog fence because it is designed to prevent your dog from escaping and it is designed to prevent any predators from getting in. It features a specialized mesh design that is durable enough to keep things out and in. Best of all, it is designed to prevent jumping, climbing, and digging escape routes while still giving your pet an adequate amount of space to roam around in.

The Pet Playground fence is the ultimate choice in safety for your pet. You know that they are unable to damage it and you know that no other animal can either. You are truly able to have some peace of mind by knowing that your dog is safe and sound in their fence. That is the best thing a dog owner can ask for.