It’s difficult to know when to splurge on something or when to tighten your belt and do without. A good rule of thumb is to splurge on the things that take up a lot of your time or help care for you. That includes a good desk chair, a good shower head, and good sheets. Investing in a good set of sheets is important. Quality sheets last longer and will help you sleep better. The quality of your sleep, effects the quality of your work and health.

Cotton sheets are the standard. They are cool, wick away sweat and moisture, and have straightforward care instructions. Cotton sheets come in a few types, regular cotton, pima cotton, and Egyptian Cotton. Egyptian cotton sheets are the best choice for texture, longevity, and feel. They are the standard by which all other cotton sheets are judged.

Egyptian cotton and Pima cotton come from the same plant, but Egyptian cotton is grown in a climate that creates longer fibers than other types of cotton. These can be spun into threads that are more fine that others before it’s woven into these luxurious sheets. Every part of sheet quality boils down to the fibers that create the sheets. Egyptian cotton fibers are not only longer, but they are also softer and stronger than other cotton fibers.

Pima cotton sheets are the next step down, but still a far cry from Egyptian cotton. If your sheets just say cotton on the label, they are probably made from American cotton, which is rougher and not as strong as Egyptian cotton.

Egyptian cotton is also easier to take care of than luxury sheets made of silk or linen, but it’s important still to care for them properly. You don’t use bleach or detergents containing bleach with Egyptian cotton sheets. Cold water is best along with a gentle detergent. Line drying is optimal for Egyptian cotton, but a low heat setting is fine as well.

Fabric softener can cause an unkind buildup on your sheets, so don’t use it. If you’re drying your sheets in the dryer, pop a few tennis balls or dryer balls into your dryer, and you won’t have to worry about it. This will also save you some money after you make that big sheet investment.

Labels matter when you’re buying these sheets, and you need to read carefully. Some sheets will be labeled as Egyptian cotton, but they only use a certain percentage of Egyptian cotton in the sheets. The remaining percentage will be another type of cotton. When reading the label, you want sheets that are labeled 100% Egyptian cotton. Don’t be fooled.   On Luxury of the Pharaohs home page they cover the 10 Best Egyptian Cotton Sheet Sets On The Market. If you are looking for quality, you can trust these guys to steer you in the right direction.

You spend a quarter of your life in your bed. When you use cheap sheets, you are telling yourself that your sleep and rest doesn’t matter. Good sheets are an investment in yourself. It’s where you recharge your batteries, and sleep isn’t always easy in these stressful times. Investing in nice sheets is one step toward turning your bed and your bedroom into a place where you can find peace, a sanctuary for your mind and body.